C. Elegans Tracking System
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Download links for Track-A-Worm are provided below. To download the software, you must agree to the following license agreement:
  • You will use the software only for research and non-profit purposes. No component may be taken out of context for other uses. The copyright is retained by the developers.
  • You may not redistribute the software to another lab except any new files developed in your own lab.
  • You will acknowledge Sijie J. Wang and the Wang lab by citing their paper on Track-A-Worm (PLoS ONE) in reports or publications containing data obtained with the software.
  • The developers are under no obligation to provide technical support at this time.

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If you would like to share with the C. elegans research community any new features that you have added to Track-A-Worm or make suggestions for improvement, please contact S Jason Wang.